Project Description

Lag ny Keeilley

Chapel Hollow

This isolated keeill was built on an artificial platform beneath Cronk ny Irree Laa. Its spectacular location looks over to Ireland in the west and Scotland in the north.  Lintel graves and a small dwelling or priest’s cell were found nearby. Excavations revealed a double-skinned wall, with the altar base in the east wall, a window cill in the south wall and socket stones for the door. An ornamental window head from the east wall is now in the Manx Museum. A large number of white quartz pebbles or prayer stones were found, as well as slabs incised with simple crosses, which are now in the Manx Museum. The graffiti crosslets on the slab are dated to the 8th century AD (see below). The cemetery continued in use until about 1800. Morte information at Keeills and Cake: Lag ny Keeilley