Lag ny Keeilley

Lag ny Keeilley Chapel Hollow This isolated keeill was built on an artificial platform beneath Cronk ny Irree Laa. Its spectacular location looks over to Ireland in the west and Scotland in the north.  Lintel graves and a small dwelling or priest's cell were found nearby. Excavations revealed a double-skinned wall, with the altar base in the east [...]


Kirk Maughold and the Keeills

Kirk Maughold The oval graveyard at Maughold encloses the remains of a 7th-century Celtic monastery and at least four keeill sites. Banished by Patrick in the late 7th century Macuil or Macutus or Maughold was cast adrift in a coracle.  He washed up ashore at what is now Maughold. Tradition tells that on landing he needed water and [...]


Chapel Hill, Balladoole (Keeill Vael)

Chapel Hill, Balladoole - Keeill Vael With traces of Mesolithic occupation and a Bronze Age burial, this site developed as a small, defended Iron Age fort with commanding views over the south of the Island and further north.  A 9th-century AD pagan Viking ship burial (marked with white stones) was placed on top of earlier Christian graves at [...]


Cabbal Pherick

Cabbal Pherick St Patrick’s Chapel Set within a burial ground, the large keeill at Cabbal Pherick is built from seashore boulders and may have been thatched. There are traces of the altar in the east end of keeill and nearby some white water-worn quartzite pebbles were found; these are sometimes called prayer stones, also found in graves of [...]